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23 "Constraints on removal of Si3N4 film with conformation-controlled poly(acrylic acid) in shallow-trench isolation chemical-mechanical planarization (STI CMP)"
Ye-Hwan Kim, Seung-Mi Lee, Kee-June Lee, Ungyu Paik and Jea-Gun Park
Journal of Materials Research , 2008
22 "Effect of hydroxyl groups in PVB on the microstructure of electrophoretically deposited green bodies for thermal barrier coatings"
Jin-Hyon Lee, Kyung-Hoon Hyun, Ungyu Paik, Yeon-Gil Jung, Je Hyun Lee, Kee Sung Lee, Hee Soo Lee
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects , 2008
21 "Phase transformation and oxidation behavior of Pt-modified MCrAlY coatings"
Sang-Won Myoung, Sang-Hyun Park , Pyung-Ho Lee, Yeon-Gil Jung, Dongwon Joo, Koo-Hyun Lee, Hee-Soo Lee, Ungyu Paik
Progress in Organic Coatings , 2008
20 "Self-assembled single walled carbon nanotubes on multi-layered polyelectrolyte layer"
Chae-Woong Cho, Seung-Mi Lee, Ungyu Paik, Seon-Mi Yoon, Jae-Young Choi, Hee Soo Lee
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects , 2008
19 "Anisotropic mechanical properties and contact damage in air-plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings with bond coating nature and thermal exposure condition"
Jae-Young Kwon , Ki-Hun Donga, Je-Hyun Lee , Yeon-Gil Jung, Ungyu Paik, Chang-Yong Jo
Progress in Organic Coatings , 2008
18 "Hierarchical organization of Au nanoparticles in a poly(vinyl carbazole) matrix for hybrid electronic devices"
Sangkyu Lee, Seon-Mi Yoon, Hyeon-Jin Shin,Won-Jae Joo, Dong Kee Yi, Jae-Young Choi, Chellachamy A Amarnath and Ungyu Paik
Nanotechnology , 2008
17 "Refractive index engineering of transparent ZrO2- polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposites"
Sangkyu Lee, Hyeon-Jin Shin, Seon-Mi Yoon, Dong Kee Yi, Jae-Young Choi and Ungyu Paik
Journal of Materials Chemistry , 2008
16 "Shrinkage behavior and interfacial diffusion in Ni-based internal electrodes with BaTiO3 additive"
Ji-Hun Kang, Dongwon Joo, Hyun-Min Cha, Yeon-Gil Jung, Ungyu Paik
Ceramics International , 2008
15 "Design of fine phosphor system for the improvement in the luminescent properties of the phosphor layer in the plasma display panel: Theoretical and experimental analysis"
Chae-Woong Cho, Ungyu Paik, Do-Hyung Park, Yoon-Chang Kim, and Dong-Sik Zang
Applied Physics Letters , 2008
14 "Effect of carboxymethyl cellulose on aqueous processing of LiFeP O4 cathodes and their electrochemical performance"
Jin-Hyon Lee, Jeom-Soo Kim, Yoon Chang Kim, Dong Sik Zang, Young-Min Choi, Won Il Park, and Ungyu Paik
13 "Effect of alkaline agent on polishing rate of nitrogen-doped Ge2 Sb2 Te5 film in chemical mechanical polishing"
Jin-Hyung Park, Jong-Young Cho, Hee-Sub Hwang, Ungyu Paik, and Jea-Gun Park
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters , 2008
12 "Crack suppression and residual stress in BaTiO3 based Ni-MLCCs of Y5V specification through post-process"
Ji-Hun Kang, Hyun-Min Cha, Yeon-Gil Jung, Ungyu Paik
Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 2008
11 "Dispersion properties of aqueous-based LiFePO4 pastes and their electrochemical performance for lithium batteries"
Jin-Hyon Lee, Jeom-Soo Kim, Yoon Chang Kim, Dong Sik Zang, Ungyu Paik
Ultramicroscopy , 2008
10 "Crystalline structure of ceria particles controlled by the oxygen partial pressure and STI CMP performances"
Ye-Hwan Kim, Sang-Kyun Kim, Namsoo Kim, Jea-Gun Park, Ungyu Paik
Ultramicroscopy , 2008
9 "Comparison of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and carbon black as percolative paths in aqueous-based natural graphite negative electrodes with high-rate capability for lithium-ion batteries"
Jin-Hyon Lee, Gyu-Sung Kim, Young-Min Choi, Won Il Park, John A. Rogers, Ungyu Paik
Journal of Power Sources , 2008
8 "Exfoliation of single-walled carbon nanotubes induced by the structural effect of perylene derivatives and their optoelectronic properties"
Jin-Hyon Lee, Seon-Mi Yoon, Ki Kang Kim, In-Sung Cha, Young Jun Park, Jae-Young Choi, Young Hee Lee, and Ungyu Paik
Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 2008
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