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16 "Effects of abrasive particle size and molecular weight of poly(acrylic acid) in ceria slurry on removal selectivity of SiO2/Si3N4 films in shallow trench isolation chemical mechanical planarization"
Hyun-Goo Kang, Hyung-Soon Park, Ungyu Paik and Jea-Gun Park
Journal of Materials Research, 2007
15 "Control of shrinkage behavior and thermal expansion coefficient in BaTiO3-added Ni electrodes"
Sang Hyun Park, Jin Ho Kang, Seoung Soo Lee, Yeon Gil Jung, Ung Yu Paik
Key Engineering Materials Volume 336-338 I, 2007, Pages 765-768, 2007
14 "Dispersion stability of single-walled carbon nanotubes using nafion in bisolvent"
Jin-Hyon Lee, Ungyu Paik, Jae-Young Choi, Ki Kang Kim, Seon-Mi Yoon, Jeonghee Lee, Byung-Ki Kim, Jong Min Kim, Min Ho Park, Cheol Woong Yang, Kay Hyeok An, and Young Hee Lee
Journal of Physical Chemistry C Volume 111, Issue 6, 2007, Pages 2477-2483, 2007
13 "Influence of crystalline structure of ceria on the remaining particles in the STI CMP"
Sang-Kyun Kim, Ye-Hwan Kim, Ungyu Paik and Jea-Gun Park
Journal of the Electrochemical Society , 2007
12 "Effects of the size and the concentration of the abrasive in a colloidal silica (SiO 2) slurry with added TMAH on removal selectivity of polysilicon and oxide films in polysilicon chemical mechanical polishing"
Park, Kyung-Woong; Kang, Hyun-Goo; Kanemoto, Manabu; Park, Jea-Gun; Paik, Ungyu
Journal of the Korean Physical Society Volume 51, Issue 1, July 2007, Pages 214-223, 2007
11 "Design of dispersants for the dispersion of carbon nanotubes in an organic solvent"
By Ki Kang Kim, Seon-Mi Yoon, Jae-Young Choi, Jeonghee Lee, Byung-Ki Kim, Jong Min Kim, Jin-Hyon Lee, Ungyu Paik, Min Ho Park, Cheol Woong Yang, Kay Hyeok An, Youngsu Chung, and Young Hee Lee
Advanced Functional Materials Volume 17, Issue 11, pages 1775–1783, July, 2007, 2007
10 "Different flocculation behaviors between ternary-amine polystyrene latex and poly(styrenesulfonate): Probe charge effect"
Lee, Y.-H, Choi, Y.-W., Park, J., Park, M.-S., Go, S.-Y., Kang, H.-H., Paik, U., Sohn, D.
Macromolecular Symposia Volume 249-250, 2007, Pages 35-43, 2007
9 "Effect of alkaline agent in colloidal silica slurry for polycrystalline silicon chemical mechanical polishing"
Myung-Yoon LEE, Hyun-Goo KANG, Manabu KANEMOTO, Ungyu PAIK, and Jea-Gun PARK
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 312 (2007) 265–271, 2007
8 "A new design strategy for dispersion stabilization of Ni particles based on the surface acid and base properties of Ni particles"
Sangkyu Lee , Seon-Mi Yoon , Jae-Young Choi , Ungyu Paik a
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science , 2007
7 "Hertzian and nanoindentations on EBPVD-coated gadolinium zirconate thermal barrier materials"
Kyu Ick Jung, Sang Hyun Park, Jong Ho Kim, Do Kyung Kim, Un Gyu Paik, Kee Sung Lee
Diffusion and Defect Data Pt.B: Solid State Phenomena Volume 124-126, Issue PART 2, 2007, Pages 1349-1352, 2007
6 "Microstructural evaluation and mechanical properties of Al 2O3/ZrO2 layered structure with graded interlayers"
Park, S.-H., Myong, S.-W., Jung, Y.-G., Paik, U
Diffusion and Defect Data Pt.B: Solid State Phenomena , 2007
5 "Luminance efficiency of a (La,Tb,Ce)PO4:Eu phosphor layer prepared with binary surface active organic molecules"
In Sung Cha, Jin Hyon Lee, Ung Yu Paik, Seon Mi Yoon, Eun Sung Lee, Jae Young Choi
Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 124 - 126) , 2007
4 "Bonding strength of top coat and its fracture mechanism in thermal barrler coatings with thermal fatigue ("
Jae Young Kwon, Yeon Gil Jung, Jung Chel Chang, Seong Churl Choi, Ung Yu Paik
Advances in Nanomaterials and Processing , 2007
3 "Luminescent properties of BaMgAl10 O17:Eu2+ phosphor layer prepared with phosphate ester"
Sangkyu Lee, Kyung-Hun Hyun, and Ungyu Paik
Journal of Materials Research , 2007
2 "Effect of characteristics of nano-colloidal silica abrasives on wafer surface roughness for wafer touch polishing"
Jin Hyung Park, Ung Yu Paik, Jea Gun Park
Diffusion and Defect Data Pt.B: Solid State Phenomena Volume 121-123, Issue PART 2, 2007, Pages 1229-1232, 2007
1 "Effects of calcination and milling process conditions for ceria slurry on shallow-trench-isolation chemical-mechanical polishing performance"
Jun-Seok Kim, Hyun-Goo Kang, Manabu Kanemoto, Ungyu Paik1, and Jea-Gun Park
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers and Short Notes and Review Papers , 2007