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348 "In Situ Cross-linked Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Polyethylene Glycol Binder for Improving the Long-Term Cycle Life of Silicon Anodes in Li Ion Batteries"
Dongsoo Lee, Hyunjung Park, Alan Goliaszewski, Yun-ki Byeun, Taeseup Song, and Ungyu Paik
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2019
347 "Facile fabrication strategy of highly dense gadolinium-doped ceria/yttriastabilized zirconia bilayer electrolyte via cold isostatic pressing for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells"
Chanho Kim, Sungmin Kim, Inyoung Jang, Heesung Yoon, Taeseup Song and Ungyu Paik
Journal of Power Sources, 2019
346 "Bi@C Nanoplates Derived from (BiO)2CO3 as an Enhanced Electrode Material for LithiumSodium-Ion Batteries"
Juan Xiang, Zhiming Liu, and Taeseup Song
ChemistrySelect, 2018
345 "Hollow C nanobox An efficient Ge anode supporting structure applied to high-performance Li ion batteries"
Chuang Yue, Zhiming Liu, Won Jun Chang , Won Il Park, Taeseup Song
Electrochimica Acta, 2018
344 "An Intriguing Pea-Like Nanostructure of Cobalt Phosphide on Molybdenum Carbide Incorporated Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanosheets for Efficient Electrochemical Water Splitting"
Soumen Dutta, Arindam Indra, HyukSu Han, and Taeseup Song
ChemSusChem, 2018
343 "Facile Fabrication of Flower-Like C@α-Mo2C Hybrids with Enhanced Energy Storage Properties"
Fang Hu, Zhiming Liu, Chuang Yue, Juan Xiang, and Taeseup Song
ChemistrySelect, 2018
342 "Metal Organic Framework Derived Materials: Progress and Prospects for the Energy Conversion and Storage"
Arindam Indra, Taeseup Song, and Ungyu Paik
Advanced Materials, 2018
341 "Toward Functional 3D Architectured Platform Advanced Approach to Anchor Functional Metal Oxide onto 3D Printed Scaffold"
Junghyun Choi, Patrick Joo Hyun Kim, Jihoon Seo, Jiseok Kwon, Sangkyu Lee, and Taeseup Song
Advanced Engineering Materials, 2018
340 "Sandwich-like graphen-Bi2S3 hybrid derived from (BiO)2CO3 nanosheets as advanced anode materials for lithiumsodium ion batteries"
Juan Xiang, Zhiming Liu, Taeseup Song
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2018
339 "A Nano-Micro Hybrid Structure Composed of Fe7S8 Nanoparticles Embedded in Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbon Framework for High-Performance LithiumSodium-Ion Batteries"
Zhiming Liu, Fang Hu, Juan Xiang, Chuang Yue, Dongsoo Lee, and Taeseup Song
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 2018
338 "Environmentally-harmless polylactic acid-polyethylene glycol binder for deformable ceramic green body"
Junghyun Choi, Patrick Joo Hyun Kim, Jihoon Seo, Jiseok Kwon, Sangkyu Lee, Taeseup Song
Ceramics International, 2018
337 "Hierarchical iron sulfide-graphene nanocubes consisting of multiple nanoparticles with superior sodium ion storage properties"
Juan Xiang, Zhiming Liu, Taeseup Song
Electrochimica Acta, 2018
336 "Hydrogen-free defects in hydrogenated black TiO2"
Heechae Choi, Seong-I Moon, Teaseup Song and Seungchul Kim
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018
335 "Synthesis of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Lithium by Weak Acid Treatment and Its Application in High Energy-Density Graphite Anode for Li-Ion Batteries"
Hyunjung Park, Dongsoo Lee, and Taeseup Song
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2018
334 "Enhancement of oxygen reduction reaction through coating a nano-webstructured La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ thin-film as a cathode/electrolyte interfacial layer for lowering the operating temperature of solid oxide fuel cells"
Inyoung Jang, Sungmin Kim, Chanho Kim, Heesung Yoon, Taeseup Song
Journal of Power Sources, 2018
333 "WO3 nanofibrous backbone scaffolds for enhanced optical absorbance and charge transport in metal oxide (Fe2O3, BiVO4) semiconductor photoanodes towards solar fuel generation"
Junghyun Choi, Taeseup Song, Jiseok Kwon, Sangkyu Lee, Hyungkyu Han, Nitish Roy, Chiaki Terashima, Akira Fujishima, Ungyu Paik, Sudhagar Pitchaimuthu
Applied Surface Science, 2018
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