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364 "Chemical and structural engineering of transition metal boride towards excellent and sustainable hydrogen evolution reaction"
Soumen Dutta, HyukSu Han, Minyeong Je, Heechae Choi, Jiseok Kwon, Keemin Park, Arindam Indra, Kang Min Kim, Ungyu Paik, Taeseup Song
Nano Energy, 2020
363 "Current Status of Self‐supported Catalysts for Robust and Efficient Water Splitting for Commercial Electrolyzer"
Jiseok Kwon, HyukSu Han, Seungun Choi, Keemin Park, Seonghan Jo, Ungyu Paik, Taeseup Song
ChemCatChem, 2019
362 "Thickness-dependent electrochemical response of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposited WS2 anodes in Na-ion battery"
Dip K Nandi, Seungmin Yeo, Mohd Zahid Ansari, Soumyadeep Sinha, Taehoon Cheon, Jiseok Kwon, Hyungjun Kim, Jaeyeong Heo, Taeseup Song, Soo-Hyun Kim
Electrochimica Acta, 2019
361 "Interface engineering of yttrium stabilized zirconia/gadolinium doped ceria bi-layer electrolyte solid oxide fuel cell for boosting electrochemical performance"
Inyoung Jang, Sungmin Kim, Chanho Kim, Hyungjun Lee, Heesung Yoon, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik
Journal of Power Sources, 2019
360 "Sintering behavior and phase transformation of YSZ-LZ composite coatings"
Guanlin Lyu, In-Soo Kim, Dowon Song, Hyeon-Myeong Park, Jun Seong Kim, Taeseup Song, Sangwon Myoung, Yeon-Gil Jung, Jing Zhang
Ceramics International, 2019
359 "Crack-Growth Behavior in Thermal Barrier Coatings with Cyclic Thermal Exposure"
Dowon Song, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik, Guanlin Lyu, Yeon-Gil Jung, Baig-Gyu Choi, In-Soo Kim, Jing Zhang
Coatings, 2019
358 "Self-templated Prussian blue analogue for efficient and robust electrochemical water oxidation"
Yi Feng, HyukSu Han, Kang Min Kim, Soumen Dutta, Taeseup Song
Journal of catalysis, 2019
357 "Redox active nitrogen-containing conjugated porous polymer: An organic heterogeneous electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction"
Sujoy Bandyopadhyay, Danil W. Boukhvalov, Arpan Kumar Nayak, Su Ryong Ha, Hee Jeong Shin, Jiseok Kwon, Taeseup Song, Hyosung Choi
Dyes and Pigments, 2019
356 "Electronically Double‐Layered Metal Boride Hollow Nanoprism as an Excellent and Robust Water Oxidation Electrocatalysts"
HyukSu Han, Yu-Rim Hong, Jungwook Woo, Sungwook Mhin, Kang Min Kim, Jiseok Kwon, Heechae Choi, Yong-Chae Chung and Taeseup Song
Advanced Energy Materials, 2019
355 "Promoting electrocatalytic overall water splitting with nanohybrid of transition metal nitride-oxynitride"
Soumen Dutta, Arindam Indra, Yi Feng, HyukSu Han, Taeseup Song
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2019
354 "High capacity monoclinic Nb2O5 and semiconducting NbO2 composite as high-power anode material for Li-Ion batteries"
Hyunjung Park, Dongsoo Lee, Taeseup Song
Journal of Power Sources, 2019
353 "Electrochemically activated cobalt nickel sulfide for an efficient oxygen evolution reaction: partial amorphization and phase control"
Yu-Rim Hong,Sungwook Mhin,Kang-Min Kim, Won-Sik Han, Heechae Choi, Ghulam Ali, Kyung Yoon Chung,Ho Jun Lee, Seong-I. Moon, Soumen Dutta, Seho Sun, Yeon-Gil Jung, Taeseup Song and HyukSu Han
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019
352 "Self-templated Prussian blue analogue for efficient and robust electrochemical water oxidation"
Yi Feng,HyukSu Han,Kang Min Kim,Soumen Dutta,Taeseup Song
Journal of Catalysis, 2019
351 "Improved swelling behavior of Li ion batteries by microstructural engineering of anode"
Keemin Park,Seungcheol Myeong,Donghyeok Shin,ChaeWoong Cho,SooChan Kim,Taeseup Song
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2019
350 "Crack-Resistance Behavior of an Encapsulated, Healing Agent Embedded Buffer Layer on Self-Healing Thermal Barrier Coatings"
Dowon Song, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik, Guanlin Lyu, Yeon-Gil Jung, Baig-Gyu Choi, In-Soo Kim and Jing Zhang
Coatings, 2019
349 "Advantageous Crystalline-Amorphous Phase Boundary for Enhanced Electrochemical Water Oxidation"
HyukSu Han, Heechae Choi, Sungwook Mhin, Yu-Rim Hong, Kang Min Kim, Jiseok Kwon, Ghulam Ali, Kyung Yoon Chung, Minyeoung Je, Ha Nee Umh, Dong-Ha Lim, Kenneth Davey, Shi-Zhang Qiao, Ungyu Paik, Taeseup Song
Energy & Environmental Science, 2019
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