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412 "A high-performance PDMS-based triboelectric nanogenerator fabricated using surface-modified carbon nanotubes via pulsed laser ablation"
Kangpyo Lee, Sungwook Mhin, HyukSu Han, Ohyung Kwon, Woo-Byoung Kim, Taeseup Song, Sukhyun Kang, Kang Min Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2022
411 "Highly reversible cycling with Dendrite-Free lithium deposition enabled by robust SEI layer with low charge transfer activation energy"
Dongsoo Lee, Seho Sun, Chanho Kim, Jeongheon Kim, Keemin Park, Jiseok Kwon, Dowon Song, Kangchun Lee, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik
Applied Surface Science, 2022
410 "Engineering [Fe(CN)6]3− vacancy via free-chelating agents in Prussian blue analogues on reduced graphene oxide for efficient oxygen evolution reaction"
Seonghan Jo, Jiseok Kwon, Seunggun Choi, Tianchi Lua, Yunki Byeun, HyukSu Han, Taeseup Song
Applied Surface Science, 2022
409 "Effect of Ta5+ doping on the thermal physical properties of defective fluorite Y3NbO7 ceramics"
Dowon Song, Janghyeok Pyeon, Myeungwoo Ryu, Hak‐Beom Jeon, Yoon‐Suk Oh, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik, SeungCheol Yang, Yeon‐Gil Jung
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2022
408 "An integrated strategy based on Schiff base reactions to construct unique two-dimensional nanostructures for intrinsic pseudocapacitive sodium/lithium storage"
Zhiming Liu, Huifang Li, Yan He, Hongran Sun, Changmeng Xu, Haichang Li, Xiaojun Wang, Guoxin Zhang, Zhonghui Sun, Qing Wei, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2022
407 "Blocking of radiative thermal conduction in Zn2+-Incorporated high-entropy A2B2O7 fluorite oxides"
Dowon Song, Myeungwoo Ryu, Jiseok Kwon, Guanlin Lyu, Junseong Kim, Hak-Beom Jeon, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik, Byung-il Yang, Yeon-Gil Jung, Yoon-Suk Oh
Ceramics International, 2021
406 "Ion‐Conducting Channel Implanted Anode Matrix for All‐Solid‐State Batteries with High Rate Capability and Stable Anode/Solid Electrolyte Interface"
Chanho Kim, Jeongheon Kim, Joonhyeok Park, Jaeik Kim, Seungwoo Lee, Seho Sun, Seungchul Myung, Dongsoo Lee, Keemin Park, Inyoung Jang, Sungmin Kim, Hyungjun Lee, Hoyeon Jung, Ungyu Paik, Taeseup Song
Advanced Energy Materials, 2021
405 "Strategy to utilize amorphous phase of semiconductor toward excellent and reliable photochemical water splitting performance: Roles of interface dipole moment and reaction parallelization"
Heechae Choi, HyukSu Han, Seong‐I Moon, Minyeong Je, Seungwoo Lee, Jiseok Kwon, Seungchul Kim, Kwang‐Ryeol Lee, Ghulam Ali, Sanjay Mathur, Ungyu Paik, Shi‐Zhang Qiao, Taeseup Song
International Journal of Energy Research, 2021
404 "Cross Effect of Surface Area and Electrical Conductivity for Carbonaceous Materials in Flow-electrode Capacitive Mixing (F-CapMix) and Flow-electrode Capacitive Deionization (FCDI): Solid-like Behavior of Flow-electrode"
Insung Hwang, Dongsoo Lee, Yongmin Jung, Keemin Park, Yeon-Gil Jung, Donghyun Kim, Geun-Ho Cho, Sung-il Jeon, Yun-ki Byeun, Ungyu Paik, SeungCheol Yang, Taeseup Song
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2021
403 "Enhanced Electrochemical Performance and Durability of the BaCo0.4Fe0.4Zr0.1Y0.1O3−δ Composite Cathode of Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells via Forming Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles"
Hyungjun Lee, Hoyeon Jung, Chanho Kim, Sungmin Kim, Inyoung Jang, Heesung Yoon, Ungyu Paik, Taeseup Song
ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2021
402 "Si nanoparticles embedded in carbon nanofiber sheathed with Li6PS5Cl as an anode material for all-solid-state batteries"
Jeongheon Kim, Chanho Kim, Inyoung Jang, Joonhyeok Park, Jaeik Kim, Ungyu Paik, Taeseup Song
Journal of Power Sources, 2021
401 "Glass-like thermal conductivity in mass-disordered high-entropy (Y, Yb) 2 (Ti, Zr, Hf) 2O7 for thermal barrier material"
Dowon Song, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik, Guanlin Lyu, Yeon-Gil Jung, Hak-Beom Jeon, Yoon-Suk Oh
Materials & Design, 2021
400 "Dendrite-free lithium plating enabled by yolk shell structured ZnO/C sphere coated polyethylene separator for stable lithium metal anodes"
Dongsoo Lee, Insung Hwang, Yongmin Jung, Seho Sun, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2021
399 "Highly efficient and stable bifunctional electrocatalysts with decoupled active sites for hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions"
Seunggun Choi, Jiseok Kwon, Seonghan Jo, Sojung Kim, Keemin Park, Sungmin Kim, Hyuksu Han, Ungyu Paik, Taeseup Song
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2021
398 "Stable artificial solid electrolyte interphase with lithium selenide and lithium chloride for dendrite-free lithium metal anodes"
Dongsoo Lee, Seho Sun, Hyunjung Park, Jeongheon Kim, Keemin Park, Insung Hwang, Yongmin Jung, Taeseup Song, Ungyu Paik
Journal of Power Sources, 2021
397 "Enhanced photoelectrochemical characteristic of TiO2 nanotubes via surface plasma treatment"
HyukSu Han, Sung-I Moon, Seunggun Choi, Enkhbayar Enkhtuvshin, So Jung Kim, Sun Young Jung, Nguyen Thi Thu Thao, Taeseup Song
Ceramics International, 2021
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