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12 "The stability of nano fumed silica particles and its influence on chemical mechanical planarization for interlayer dielectrics"
Kim, Jongphil Paik, Ungyu Jung, Yeon-Gil Katoh, Takeo Park, Jea-Gun
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers and Short Notes and Review Papers, 2002~
11 "Abrasive and surfactant effects on ceria slurry for chemical mechanical polishing in shallow trench isolation"
PARK Jea-Gun, KATOH Takeo, PARK Jin-Hyung, PAIK Ungyu, and KWACK Kae-Dal
Rare Metals, 2002~
10 "A study on the phase transition and characteristics of rare earth elements doped BaTiO3"
Yun-Sung Jung, Eun-Sang Na, Ungyu Paik, Jinha Lee, Jonghee Kim
Materials Research Bulletin, 2002~
9 "Dissolution and reprecipitation of barium at the particulate BaTiO3-aqueous solution interface"
Ungyu Paik, Jeong-Gu Yeo, Moon-Hwan Lee, Vincent A. Hackley, Ye
Materials Research Bulletin, 2002~
8 "Effect of particle dispersion on microstructure and strength of reaction-bonded silicon carbide"
Ungyu Paik, Hyeon-Cheol Park, Sung-Churl Choi, Chang-Gi Ha, Jae-Won Kim, Yeon-Gil Jung
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2002~
7 "Effect of crystallinity of ceria particles on the PETEOS removal rate in chemical mechanical polishing for shallow trench isolation (Conference Paper)"
Kim, J.Y., Kim, S.K., Paik, U., Katoh, T., Park, J.G.
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 2002~
6 "Preparation of aluminum oxide particles using ammonium acetate as precipitating agent"
Ji-Young Park, Seong-Geun Oh, Ungyu Paik, Sei-Ki Moon
Materials Letters, 2002~
5 "Fabrication of silicon nitride bilayer for roller bearing by plasma activated sintering"
Yeon-Gil Jung, Jong-Ho Shin, Chang-Gi Ha, Yong-Il Shin, In-Hyuk Choi, Chang-Nam Park, Ungyu Paik
Materials Letters, 2002~
4 "Effects of precursor pH and sintering temperature on synthesizing and morphology of sol-gel processed mullite"
Jae-Ean Lee, Jae-Won Kim, Yeon-Gil Jung, Chang-Yong Jo, Ungyu Paik
3 "Effect of particle size on gelcasting process and green properties in alumina"
Chang-Gi Ha, Yeon-Gil Jung, Jae-Won Kim, Chang-Yong Jo, Ungyu Paik
Materials Science and Engineering A, 2002~
2 "Interaction between SiC surfaces and Y3+ ions"
Tabata, S, Sameshima, S, Paik, U, Hirata, Y
Journal of Ceramic Processing Research, 2002~
1 "The effect of agglomerated particle size on the chemical mechanical planarization for shallow trench isolation"
Kim, S.-K. , Yoon, P.-W. , Paik, U. , Katoh, T. , Park, J.-G.
Journal of Ceramic Processing Research, 2002~
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